hey love the teddys and rexes, you have some georgous guineas. are the two teddy sows still avaliable? if so ild love to hear from you i am based in milton keynes, so not too far from youx check out my site some time

Lovely web site! We wish you all the best in your enterprise.

Janet and Mike

wahey - pig heaven   

What a fab site. Full of great information and brill pictures. Well done Ben.

Pete Mack's Comments

This is a very well presented site with clear and precise information on the Guinea Pigs.

What would also be nice is to have the back ground history on Guinea Pigs.

Is there a Guinea Pig Blog!!!?

-thank you for your very good comments, we will provide a history of the guinea pig soon.

Excellent, I love the photos and all the stories about your guinea pigs. Lots of good advice for potential guinea pig owners too. I love the new ones they are very sweet.

Its great!!!
Grace xxxx

Excellent Stuff!
Well done! ....lucky piggies.
Good luck and all the best. Julie. B.A.R.

Just a thank you to everyone who has commented so far on our site, we much appreciate it and do keep looking as it will be updated regularly with guinea pig news!!!

Amazing web do you have a email for it


We don't have an email for the site just yet, if you keep looking at the website it will be updated with the latest news.

I've never seen a teddy guinea pig before and I think they're really cute.

I think guinea pigs like lots of hay in winter to keep really warm and cozy otherwise they might be cold.

From David

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