In the summer if you have the space available to fit a 4ft square run in your garden then your guinea pigs will love you for it!! Don't put them out in the winter, the grass is damp and has little nutritional value!! If your guinea pig has never been on grass before then they need to be introduced to it over time.  Make sure the grass is dry and do not put them out for longer than 20 minutes to begin with.  After a few days lengthen the time to an hour.  Then eventually you can leave them out during the day.  Provide a place in the run for the guinea pigs to be able to hide.  This needs to be weather proof as a sudden shower might come!!  Also move the run regularly and your lawn will be mowed for you!!
If your guinea pig is long haired and you are not going to show them it is important that you trim their hair!! Other wise it becomes matted!! Their hair also needs brushing regularly!

Teeth in a guinea pig grow constantly and so they need to be worn down.  A small piece of apple wood is sufficient for the pigs to knaw on and keep their teeth from growing too long!!

Their claws need clipping every so often.  Do not clip lower than the quick.  This is visible through the claw.

We have found the best combination for bedding in the hutch is a thick layer of newspaper covered liberally in hay!! Fill up with hay during the week and clean out every 7 days.

Wood chippings are not good for small animals, they contain harmful chemicals, and also the splinters can damage their eyes and skin.

Disinfect the hutch once a month to get rid of any nasty bugs.  Your local pet store should have an animal friendly disinfectant.
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